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June Mayor's Minute

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Greetings neighbors,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer weather. It's hard to remember that our last meeting was conducted with a major blizzard going on mid-May! That said, lots of good work was undertaken, which I've outlined below. May 18 Meeting Highlights 1 > Town Council declared May Sexual Assault Awareness Month in collaboration with San Miguel Resource Center. 2 > Council discussed the adoption of National standards for electrical codes in our local building codes and whether these Codes and Regulations should become a new and distinct chapter in the town's Municipal Code. 3 > Town Council set a cost of $40,000 for the Parking Payment-in-lieu Fee when a property owner cannot build the necessary parking on their property. This price was set based on benchmarks from recent town sales and construction costs. Our goal is to create adequate parking where possible, rather than grow the town's parking fund. 4 > Council had an extensive discussion regarding the potential to add up to 70 workforce housing units within the Village Court Apartments (VCA) complex and balance the need for housing with the impacts of added density and traffic on the surrounding neighbors. 5 > The Town Hall Center Subarea Planning Committee along with Council reviewed the first draft of the new Town Hall Subarea plan for consideration in adopting the proposed amendments to the town’s comprehensive plan. 6 > Town Council approved a new Community Grant Program for supporting broader community goals that will be administered by the Telluride Foundation. While I recused myself from the discussion and vote, the balance of council members seemed to find great merit in leveraging the Foundation's regional perspective and extensive experience in grant administration. 7 > We continued our environmental focus with a letter of support for the San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act and an interim review of the San Miguel Watershed's Forest Health Assessment. Our forests are healthy, but we face significant fire and other disruptive risks that may necessitate more action on our part to protect our local forests. The final report will help to define the actions needed. 8 > Finally, we heard routine staff and council reports and considered a series of routine land use matters. June 20 Agenda Highlights This month Council continues its work with a full agenda. 1 > The Telluride Town Council will join us for an extensive joint meeting to report on the master plan of our jointly owned wastewater treatment plant that is being assessed for a capacity expansion and an upgrade of its treatment processes to comply with new EPA standards. This could be an expensive project and we want the full community engaged and informed. 2 > There will be a public hearing on recommended changes to the Town Hall Subarea plan to adopt proposed amendments to the town's 30 year Comprehensive Plan as formulated by our Town Hall subarea committee. 3 > We will take an extended lunch break to publicly thank and honor our three Town Council Members who will be serving in their last Town Council meeting. Please join us if you can to thank Michelle Sherry, Marty McKinley, and Cath Jett for their fantastic public service. 4 > Council Member Cath Jett will lead a discussion to approve signing on to joint statements expressing Mountain Village's commitment to continuing to adopt and intensify policies that will uphold the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. 5 > Finally, in standard meeting procedure, Town Council will consider routine land use matters as well as reports from Council members and town staff that will round out this month's agenda. As always, I hope you can join us whether in person, online or by providing your thoughts and input in advance of the meeting by to the Clerk's office. Warm Regards, Dan Jansen Mountain Village Mayor

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