Mountain Village installs a second waterline; trail closures imminent

Water and Sewer

Words by Nichole Zangara / Utilities

It has always been part of the Mountain Village blueprint: a second waterline that would help serve the entire town and neighboring communities, and increase water flow capabilities in the case of a fire.

Construction of this waterline began this week near the Wapiti tanks, located between the top of Lifts 5 and 7, and the San Joaquin tank, located just below the top of Lift 10 on the Double Cabin ski run. The town anticipates construction will last through the end of October. Due to this project, over the next month several popular hiking and biking trails in and surrounding Mountain Village will be partially closed, and on a few occasions completely closed, for safety reasons. These trails include the Basin Trail, Sheridan Trail, Prospect Trail and Village Trail; trail signage will denote any closures.

Once this project is complete, water will travel through three pipes which in turn will provide better water flow for the town’s water customers who live in the lower areas of Mountain Village, Ski Ranches and West Meadows. According to the Mountain Village Water Department, water rates will not change once this project is complete though a number of water customers will be affected short-term.

“Approximately 50 homes will experience reduced water pressure and 10 homes will not have access to water for approximately 10 hours when the crew ties in the waterline with the San Joaquin tank,” explained Marketing and Business Development Director Nichole Zangara Riley. “When this occurs, we will provide notification and ample time for them to plan accordingly. In advance, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The waterline project, funded by the town’s Water and Sewer Fund and two separate $30,000 grants from the Colorado Water Conservation Board and Southwestern Water Conservation District, is estimated at $1.4 million. For updates on trail closures, visit