The 23rd Annual TAB Gala Fashion Show airs live February 27

Watch TAB Gala Fashion Show

Words by Nichole Zangara / Event

It all boils down to cause and effect. The cause: a persistent virus that morphed into a pandemic after being announced worldwide in 1983. The effect: the Telluride AIDS Benefit (TAB), a full frontal assault aimed at helping those living with HIV/AIDS and preventing the spread of the disease through outreach and education.

The high point of TAB’s 10 days of activities this year – it all starts with the Student Fashion Show Friday, February 19 and ends with a sample sale of designer threads Monday, February 29 – is the fanTABulous fashion show. The event takes place Saturday, February 27 8 p.m. at the Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village: it’s catwalk meets musical theatre (complete with music and dance), all in support of TAB’s seven beneficiaries.

The Gala Fashion Show is an evening when the Telluride Region pulls out all the stops. It is not to be missed. So for those unable to score a ticket, the Town of Mountain Village will air the Gala live – on Mountain Village Cable Channel 15 and online at – Saturday, February 27 at 8 p.m.

“With the Telluride TV production team in place, I am pleased Mountain Village can offer this to the community – and the online world,” said Marketing and Business Development Director Nichole Zangara Riley. “Year after year and from coast-to-coast, TAB fans host viewing parties in their living rooms: the models, who volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to the show, have friends and family members watching; past and present TAB supporters and beneficiaries are online; full and part-time community members who aren’t in town or missed out on tickets have a front-row seat nonetheless; and the fashion designers who donated clothing for this special event are able to see their designs on the runway. To extend this special event beyond the walls of the Conference Center is our pleasure.”

The mission of the Telluride AIDS Benefit is to fight HIV/AIDS by heightening awareness and generating financial support for its beneficiaries, other nonprofits that work on the Front Range, the Western Slope and in Africa, who use TAB funds to enhance client care for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.