New program offers residents an incentive to better manage heat trace system

Heat Trace Incentive Program

Words by Nichole Zangara / Environment

The Town of Mountain Village wants its residents to take control of their roof and gutter heat trace system. So the town is funding a new incentive program aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of heat trace systems commonly applied on roofs and gutters by offering a free system controller valued at $380.

“These systems are heating elements that are applied to gutters, valleys and eaves of roofs to prevent ice damage,” explained Building Official Randy Kee. “Although they get the job done more times than not, these types of systems often run when they aren’t needed, thereby wasting electricity. We want to create a safer, more efficient system with a state-of-the-art electrical controller.”

To take advantage of this free offering, Mountain Village residents will need to follow a few steps. First, a resident will need to hire a Colorado-licensed electrical contractor to inspect their heat trace system. Second, the resident will need to ask their contractor to email the heat trace inspection report with suggested improvements to them and to Kee. Third, Kee will review the report and contact the resident if it is determined that their home, based on the report’s findings, would benefit from improved controls. If it does, the town will offer one free controller for the electrical contractor to install. The final step: enjoy the savings.

According to Kee, using an estimated 25 amps and 230 volts supplying a heat trace system on a home without controls from November to March may cost a resident approximately $2,277 per zone. He said often a home has at least two zones. With the use of controls and a properly installed system, a resident may save 30- to 50-percent of electricity costs per winter, weather dependent.

The $12,000 Heat Trace Incentive Program is open until funds are exhausted. For more information, contact Kee at [email protected] or 970.369.8246 and visit This program is part of the town’s larger environmental incentive program, which in 2016 includes four others, as a means for Mountain Village residents to make lifestyle and environmental changes in order to help them save in so many ways.