Town of Mountain Village launches cutting-edge app for visitors, residents

Vizzit Places App

Words by Nichole Zangara / Community

Although Mountain Village is still a relatively young town – it was established in March 1995 – it is much more than what meets the eye. So to pull back the curtain on this town, Mountain Village is launching Vizzit Places, a self-guided GPS-triggered audio tour app that reveals the wizardry behind the Telluride Region and its many secrets hidden in plain sight.

“The real intent of this innovative project is to connect Mountain Village and all its stories and people with those that visit and live here,” said Marketing and Business Development Director Nichole Zangara Riley. “Most often, people love being here. It’s just this unexplainable feeling they get. What we want to do is deepen their connection and experience with Mountain Village, and the region, and really show them why this place is an adventure of discovery and what and who makes this town go round. One way to do this is with curated content created by insiders. And the beautiful thing is this is all accessible from the smartphone in your pocket.”

The first three tours will launch December 17 just in time for Holiday Prelude in Mountain Village and the December 20 Gondola Anniversary Celebration. Of the three tours, “World’s Best Commute” is dedicated to the 13-minute gondola ride and all that one can see and experience from a cabin. The other tours, “Top of the World: St. Sophia” and “Millennial Mountain Village” pay homepage to some of the best offerings in the region. The tours are hands-free, bringing technology to the outdoors using a non-distracting, well balanced approach.

“The tell-all stories that are a part of these three tours are centered on community, businesses, culture and history,” said Zangara Riley. “When one downloads the app, they have this beautiful lens in which everyone can connect more deeply and individually to this extraordinary place. In short, a mere experience turns into an indelible memory. After this initial launch we will continue to develop more tours, keeping the content fresh and enticing for our world class destination and its residents and visitors.”

Users can download the free Vizzit Places smartphone app from the Apple Store or Google Play (available December 15). The next step is simple: select a desired tour based on one’s location in Mountain Village, and start the journey of discovery. Tours reveal GPS-triggered stories along the way, creating connections to what is seen and unseen, the history and culture of people and places, and a deeper look into the landscape that surrounds the Telluride Region.