Mountain Village Farm Share Community Incentive Program Adjusts Income Criteria and Extends Application Deadline to June 8

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Words by Bill Kight / Community

The Town of Mountain Village adjusts household income qualifications from 60% to 80% Area Median Income (AMI) and extends program application deadline to June 8, 2018. The town hopes to target more families and adjusted the income qualifications upwards in hopes of providing the farm share program to a broader range of community members. Mountain Village recently announced a community-wide income qualified ‘Farm Share to Community Incentive Pilot Program’ for up to 45 Mountain Village residents that meet the annual household income qualifications shown in the chart below. Eligibility will be on a first come first served basis for households that meet the requirements and have completed the necessary application by June 8, 2018.


Farm to Community Income Chart

“We are excited to offer our residents a community-supported agriculture program (CSA) directly linking our income qualified community members to local farmers,” said Planning and Development Services Director, Michelle Haynes. “This program is in alignment with many community goals. A community’s resilience depends upon implementing strategies that reduce reliance on non-renewable energy, develop local food sources and increase local transportation and energy security. The program will also educate our community members regarding the many local food sources available to us and provide low cost high nutrient food to our residents who may not otherwise have the income or time to participate in a similar program.”

The farm share program puts income qualified individuals and families at the centerpiece of the model, subsidizing farm shares based on income, and providing convenient during or after-work pick-up hours to distribute locally farmed, high-quality, sustainably grown, and affordable food and produce. Participating members can purchase “shares” of a farmer’s crop for the entire growing season (approximately nine weeks), at minimal cost.

To best serve our community members, understand the food habits and desires of our residents, and to enhance this pilot program, we have asked applicants and community members alike to provide their comments and input through an online survey by visiting

Haynes goes on to say, “Supporting local agriculture on this scale reduces the distance food is transported and incrementally lowers our carbon emissions. It also supports our local farms through the CSA model providing money in advance of a growing season for the purchase of seed and food planning. This program creates an important regional bridge and cooperative relationships that we hope will continue to grow.”

Participating farms and partners of the Farm to Community Program include Mountain Roots Produce based in Mancos, Colorado and F.R.E.S.H Food Hub, a community-run food co-op based in Norwood, Colorado. F.R.E.S.H Food Hub purchases food from local farms and producers such Indian Ridge Farm and Bakery, Buckhorn Gardens, Birdhouse Farm, Laid Back Ranch, South River Aquaponics, and many more small-scale producers on the western slope offering the best possible prices on wholesome, and healthy food in the region.

The F.R.E.S.H. Food Hub will have a presence at our Market on the Plaza. In addition to the Market on the Plaza being the primary CSA share pick up location, local produce and food items will be available for sale to residents and visitors.

For more information about our Farm to Community Incentive Program, please contact Planning and Development Services Director, Michelle Haynes at  (970) 239-4061, or email.