Angel Baskets weekly food delivery information

Hours for Thursday, May 7, 2020: 3-6 p.m.

Angel Basket volunteers will be distributing pre-bagged food to San Miguel County and Rico residents in need outside of the Food Pantry. (Located behind the Second Chance Thrift store on Aspen Street.)

Mountain Village residents can call (970) 708-0531 to arrange deliveries to Mountain Village if they are unable

Please drive up to the Food Pantry if possible.

Volunteers will bring food to your car.

If you are on foot, please maintain the recommended 6 feet SAFE DISTANCE.

For the safety of our volunteers- PLEASE wear GLOVES and something that COVERS YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE when you come for food. If you do not have a conventional mask, a scarf or bandana covering your nose and mouth will do.

Please DO NOT come to the food pantry if you are SICK. Ask a friend to pick up for you.

You may come more than once a month if you need food. However, if you can get by another week, please be considerate of others who truly need the food. We want to help everyone and ask that you help us do that by being respectful of those less fortunate. If you need food, PLEASE come by.

Everyone will receive the same kind of food. If there is something in your bag that you will not use, please pass it along to someone else in need. Or, donate it back to us and we will sanitize it and re-use. Unwanted food can be returned the next time you come for food.

The Pantry could use help with specific donations:

Non-perishable items such as meals in a can (chile, beef stew, etc.), soup, canned vegetables-(corn, green beans, mixed vegetables) cereal, unused bandanas & face masks would be particularly helpful. Please drop off non-perishable food in bags marked Food Bank at La Cocina de Luz any day between the hours of 2 p.m-5 p.m. If you have questions, please contact us at: .

If you would like to help, please DONATE online at

The Second Chance Humane Society Tri-County Pet Pantry is currently providing pet food and supplies at the food pantry locations in Telluride and Norwood.

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