Announcing the tote bag contest art winners!

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The Town of Mountain Village hosted a tote bag art design contest this spring with the themes of Market on the Plaza and environmental stewardship. Congratulations to Molly Perrault and to Lyla McClain (5th grade) and Sara McClain (2nd grade) for their winning designs! See below to learn more about the artists and their designs.

About the winning besigns: Local artists of all ages submitted designs interpreting Market on the Plaza and environmental stewardship. Winning designs were chosen in the adult category and the K-12 category.

Along with their design submissions, artists responded to the prompt, "What does shop local mean to you?"

  • Molly, “To me, shopping local means healthy food from local farmers and enjoying the beautiful route to get it!”
  • Lyla, “It means buying from stores and people in my town that make and grow thing where I live.”
  • Sara, “Buying local food means getting food at the market from people you know.”

About the bags: The bags are designed locally, made from 100% organic cotton, and reusable.

Where to buy: The tote bags are available for purchase at the Town of Mountain Village tent during Market on the Plaza. The bags are only $15 each (+ tax)!

About Mountain Village's environmental efforts: The Town has a goal of zero waste and recently passed a Single-Use Plastics Reduction Ordinance to reduce our plastics consumption. The ordinance bans single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam takeout food containers. It also implements a $0.20 bag fee at point-of-sale for all Mountain Village retailers. Additionally, recycling is mandatory for all residents, visitors, and businesses. Market on the Plaza vendors are further encouraged to limit plastic use and waste through source reduction and reuse.

About Market on the Plaza: Market on the Plaza is the Town's vibrant, local community market held each Wednesday from early-June to mid-September. It features local and regional vendors ranging from artists, craftsman and photographers to farms, bakeries and florists.

Design 1 by Molly Perrault, an artist and designer based in Telluride, CO.

Design 2 by Lyla (wheelbarrow) & Sara (bicycle), sisters who enjoy drawing and art.

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