BDAC Business Recognition Program salutes Telluride Distilling

The Mountain Village Business Development Advisory Committee has unanimously voted to recognize the Telluride Distilling Company for their commitment to the community and enhancement of the Mountain Village Center.

From dedicating their time and resources to creating hand sanitizer when we needed it most, to being one of the first businesses to reopen when county orders allowed, Telluride Distilling has gone above and beyond recently.

They have proven to be a pillar in our community and we thank them for all their hard work and time... and delicious drinks.

As a token of BDAC's gratitude, Telluride Outfitters will provide the Distilling CO a RZR tour for two.

A big thanks to MD and his team for helping us show our appreciation and providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Telluride Outfitters in our stunning backyard.

BDAC will continue to recognize Mountain Village merchants for going above and beyond for our community.

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