BDAC Business Recognition Program salutes Telluride Ski & Golf's Food and Beverage Department

The Mountain Village Business Development Advisory Committee has unanimously voted to recognize the Telluride Ski and Golf Food and Beverage team for their commitment to the community and enhancement of the Mountain Village Center.

Telluride Ski Resort stepped in to aid the Town of Mountain Village this summer season when the additional plaza furniture purchased by the town was delayed. TSG Food and Beverage graciously lent their unused outdoor dining furniture to use in the interim. Acting as our community partner, their actions helped optimize our vitality efforts, ensuring a safe environment for patrons.

Telluride Outfitters has generously donated a snowmobile tour for two in recognition for their efforts in recent months.

A big thanks to MD and his team for helping us show our appreciation and providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Telluride Outfitters in our stunning backyard.

BDAC will continue to recognize Mountain Village merchants for going above and beyond for our community.

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