Mountain Village Waives Fees to Incentivize Deed-Restricted Housing Projects

Words by Bill Kight / Development, Housing

The Town of Mountain Village is taking significant measures to incentivize new deed-restricted construction and to encourage maintenance and improvements to existing deed-restricted units.

In its monthly October meeting, the Town of Mountain Village Town Council unanimously voted to waive all planning, development and building permit fees for deed-restricted housing units effective Jan. 1, 2019.

Michelle Haynes, planning and development services director states, “Planning and building permit activity for deed-restricted housing has been minimal compared to free market activity over the past few years.”

“Telluride Ski and Golf last opened 30 apartments in the Meadows called Meadow View Apartments in 2017, and there is one deed-restricted detached condominium in the Boulders currently in design review,” Haynes continued. “As the Town of Mountain Village has 539 built deed-restricted units, the largest number in the region, we continue to explore ways to advocate for affordable housing.”

By waiving town fees, the town aims to encourage owners of deed-restricted units to maintain existing units and offer greater financial incentive to construct deed-restricted units on remaining deed restricted properties.

“The Town had some current incentives in place such as waiving the road impact fee and reduced water and sewer tap fees,” Haynes said. “However, after a review of the existing fee schedule, Haynes stated, “we felt we could do more, and the Town Council unanimously supported this direction.”

For example, a free market building permit with a $1 million valuation would cost approximately$45,000 for the building permit plus $10,000 for the water and sewer tap fees and $3,500  for the design review application. The same permit for a deed-restricted property would cost only $4,000 for the building permit, which is the cost of county taxes, $5,000 for the water and sewer tap fee and no fee for design review.

“The only fee we cannot waive are taxes paid to the county,” stated Haynes, “which constitutes the $4,000 permit fee for a deed-restricted property. By incentivizing, the town hopes to see new construction, remodels, maintenance, and repair.” Haynes said.

For program information, please contact Planning and Development Services Director, Michelle Haynes by email [email protected], by (970) 239-4061 or by visiting

San Miguel Regional Housing Authority Launch Regional Housing Survey


Words by Special Contributor / Community, Government, Housing

San Miguel Regional Housing Authority (SMRHA) has contracted with Economic and Planning Systems and RRC Associates to complete a Housing Needs Assessment for San Miguel County. As part of this effort, a survey on housing issues was mailed this week to households in San Miguel County and surrounding communities.

If you are a local renter or homeowner living in San Miguel County or the surrounding region (Ridgway, Norwood, Nucla, Naturita, Rico), please look for the survey in your mailbox. Local residents and commuters working in San Miguel County are also welcome to complete the survey online at the SMRHA website home page, The survey will remain open through April 30, 2018.

We hope you will take a few minutes to complete this important survey. The results will help SMRHA and local governments make key decisions on the amount, type, and location of new housing to build in the future.

The survey is completely confidential, and in appreciation, all respondents will be eligible to enter a random drawing for one of three $100 grocery store gift certificates.

For questions, please contact Shirley L. Diaz by email or call   (970) 728-3034

Take the San Miguel Regional Housing Authority Survey

Ah Haa School for The Arts and True North Youth Program Mural Design for Village Court Apartments

VCA Mural Project

Words by Special Contributor / Business Development, Community, Housing

The Planning and Development Department of Mountain Village has been looking for creative ways to improve common areas around Village Court Apartments (VCA) in Mountain Village. The Planning and Development Services Director, Michelle Haynes, was aware that the Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride, collaborated with the local school and other partners in Norwood to produce a mural at the Norwood Post Office. Town of Mountain Village reached out to the Ah Haa to see if they could model a similar mural project at VCA. The Ah Haa suggested to partner with True North Youth Program to paint two murals.

The decision was made to hold a mural design contest with Kids from True North Youth Program with winning designs to be painted in approved areas at VCA where Kids can take pride in providing this service by having their art displayed.

“We are excited about this mural project on so many levels. It will activate common areas, provides a fun collaborative project for local artists and will be a source of community pride,” said Michelle Haynes, planning and development services director for the Town of Mountain Village.

Winners for the mural designs were announced January 10, 2018, during the weekly afterschool academic tutoring class for the True North Youth Program. Congratulations to Telluride High School students, Brenda Guitierrez and Kaila Reloj for their mural designs chosen as templates to create the mural at VCA. Cecilia Curry, VCA Manager, had the honor of presenting the awards signed by Mountain Village Mayor, Laila Benitez and Town Manager, Kim Montgomery. Young painters will collaborate to paint within the templates drawn by the winning students with direction by Tara Carter, Ah Haa Youth Curriculum Director and Ann Cheeks, local artist.

The murals are to be painted in the main laundry room at VCA. VCA looks forward to continuing their partnership with the Ah Haa this summer for future mural projects.

VCA is accepting paint donations for the mural project to repurpose existing materials. If you are interested in donating paint for the mural project please call Cecilia Curry, Property Manager at VCA (970) 369-8233.


Photo: Courtesy of Telluride Daily Planet.

Mountain Village agrees to purchase park site; adjacent land could include up to 45 housing units

Mountain Village Park Site

Words by Nichole Zangara / Development, Housing

The Town of Mountain Village is moving forward with plans to construct a new community park and more affordable housing units. On August 18, Town Council unanimously agreed to proceed with the acquisition of Lot 640A, a 1.21 acre parcel, to develop a park and construct additional affordable housing for the community.

The town had previously entered into a non-binding term sheet with Adams Ranch MV LLC, owner of Lot 640A, setting forth the general terms of a deal for the acquisition of the park site. Town Council’s decision will result in a formal purchase and sale agreement memorializing those terms.

The asking price for the park site is set at $550,000, far lower than the appraised price of $650,000. Based on the term sheet, Adams Ranch MV LLC must submit a Rezone, Replat, Conditional Use Permit and Density Transfer Application to the town, and if that is approved, the town must close on the park site no later than 30 days following final approval. To protect the town’s investment, the term sheet requires Adams Ranch MV LLC to begin a safe and town-approved demolition of Telluride Apartments within the first 30 days following closing.

Nothing in the term sheet obligates the town to approve Adams Ranch MV LLC’s development application. Adams Ranch MV LLC will have to follow the standard land use process as set forth in the Community Development Code. The town’s acquisition of the park site is contingent upon these development approvals, allowing the town to terminate the purchase if these are not obtained. The approvals include, among other things, a replat of Lot 640A and adjacent open space in order to create the park site and an increase in zoning up to 45 units from the current 30.

According to town staff, the park area would remain open to the public after closing of the acquisition; however, access would be limited during construction of the employee housing and new park. When the project is complete, the newly constructed employee units would be subject to an employee housing deed restriction.

Lot 640A, also known within the community as the site where Telluride Apartments sits vacant, garnered the attention of voters last year when a citizen-initiated ballot called for various zoning limits on this lot. The ballot passed with 219 yes votes and 180 no votes in favor of limiting the number of units that could ultimately be built on this site to 45.

The developer of The Lofts At Mountain Village presents its initial site plans at a two-day design charrette session

The Lofts At Mountain Village

Words by Nichole Zangara / Housing

The Town of Mountain Village is hosting two design charrette sessions in early March to evaluate the initial site plans for The Lofts at Mountain Village development project. The Lofts developer, Belem Properties Co. LLC, is proposing to build a 43- to 45-multifamily unit professional workforce housing project on the north and east sides of the Gondola Parking Garage. Over the last year the demand for workforce housing has increased exponentially. According to Mountain Village Mayor Dan Jansen, Town Council has moved quickly in response to urgent requests from numerous local businesses to help solve a housing issue.

“The town believes that maintaining a high level of service is critical to our community and it is in the best interests of our residents, businesses and overall economy, but to do so you need quality employees and those employees need a place to live.”

The proposed housing project is envisioned in the Mountain Village Comprehensive Plan, and due to its location – it falls within the Town Hall Center Subarea Plan – Belem representatives will present site-specific development plans to the Town Hall Center Subarea Task Force and members of the public March 3 and March 4.

“The Task Force was created as a condition when the town rezoned several properties within the Town Hall Center Subarea to civic uses. Workforce housing falls under civic use,” Hawkins explained. “The main responsibility of the Task Force is to review site-specific plans within this subarea in order to ensure that all concerns voiced by surrounding neighbors are considered prior to formal review. During The Lofts design charrette sessions, Belem will present initial site plans for purposes of obtaining input from the Task Force. Subsequently, the Task Force will provide a non-binding recommendation to the Design Review Board and Town Council.”

The Task Force was formed by way of Town Council appointment in January, and is comprised of four homeowner association representatives from surrounding developments, one Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association Board member, one Town of Mountain Village representative, one Comprehensive Plan Task Force member, and two at large community members. This will be the first time the Task Force will convene formally.

Both design charrette sessions will be take place in the conference room in Mountain Village Town Hall on March 3 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and March 4 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The public is invited to attend these meetings in person or watch online at To learn more about this project and the Task Force, visit