Mayors Minute

December Mayor's Minute

Hello neighbors, Below are some Town Council meeting highlights from last month and some upcoming topics. As always, I hope you can join us for tomorrow's meeting or consider sharing your feedback with us about any of these matters. November 15 Meeting Highlights

  • Town Council voted to approve, on first reading, an ordinance to making minor housekeeping amendments to the Community Development Code. These are generally technical amendments identified by staff as needed to improve the zoning/development code administration.
  • The Telluride Distilling Company will open a tasting room on December 22 in Mountain Village Center with the recent approval of a State of Colorado off-site tasting room permit. Manufacturing operations will continue at their Lawson Hill location.
  • Town Council reviewed and approved, on first reading, the 2019 and revised 2018 budgets.
  • Uptown Services, LLC presented their Broadband Feasibility Study results. In 2019, the town is undertaking a major upgrade to our Broadband network infrastructure, which will allow us to offer improved 1G fiber services to every home. After completing the Request for Proposals (RFP) process, design, and engineering in the first half of 2019, the town aims to begin construction next summer and complete the project by the end of year 2020.
  • Lastly, we received reports from Bill Jensen with Telluride Ski & Golf and the Town Hall and Village Center Subarea Committees.

If you would like more specifics about any of these topics, you can review minutes from the meeting or watch the video on the town website. December 13 Agenda Topics

  • Town Council will vote to approve the 2019 and revised 2018 budgets. A budget-specific email will be sent out later this month, which will review the coming year’s budget and the funding of upcoming projects.
  • In response to new state legislation that became effective September 1, 2018, the council will consider a proposed resolution to adopt a policy concerning the destruction, disposal, and protection of records containing personal identifying information. The new law requires government entities to not only adopt a policy regarding destruction and protection of these personal records but also includes requirements regarding protecting personal identifying information, reporting breaches of personal identifying information, and contracting with third parties that might handle personal identifying information.
  • As part of our ongoing efforts to secure workforce housing, Town Council will consider waiving the lottery sales requirement for a deed-restricted unit at Cassidy Ridge to allow the town to purchase this unit. If approved, we will also consider authorization for the town manager to negotiate the purchase of this condo on behalf of the town.
  • Telluride Ski and Golf (TSG) is requesting approval for an equestrian Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to provide horse-drawn sleigh rides. The third-party run operation will run seasonally from December to April. The application proposes four 45-minute tours daily.
  • We will consider adoption of a Village Court Apartments’ rental policy and potential rent increases. Rental rates last increased five years ago. A rental increase policy could allow the town to avoid significant future rental increases. In addition, a policy is necessary to aid in responding to occupancy fluctuations and to keep up with ongoing maintenance needs.
  • EcoAction Partners will present the results of the 2017 Town of Mountain Village Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report.
  • Colorado Flights Alliance, Marketing Telluride Inc., and the Town Hall and Village Center Subarea Committees will provide their reports.

A full agenda has been posted on our website; we welcome your input and hope to see you at the meeting. Warm regards, Laila Benitez Mountain Village Mayor

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