La Montagne

Design Review Board and Town Council to review proposed development of La Montagne (formerly Rosewood)

On Thursday, July 11, 2019, the Town of Mountain Village’s Design Review Board will host a work session for the proposed development of the La Montage Project on Lots 126R and 152R – historically known as Rosewood PUD (planned unit development). Mountain Village Town Council will hear the same work session materials on July 18, 2019 at its monthly meeting. The La Montagne project proposes to rescind and revoke the current Rosewood PUD, and as part of the rescission is proposing to eliminate specific uses and densities through the rezone and density transfer process. Specifically, the proposal includes the elimination of all hotel density, a reduction in overall commercial area, as well as potentially reducing employee dorm and apartment unit density to correlate with the overall reduction in density of the site. The downzoning discussion proposes to reduce the actual unit density from 164 units to 69 units (58% density reduction) and the person equivalent density from 355 to 207 units (42% reduction). The commercial area reduction is more dramatic with a 92% reduction.   Mountain Village’s Community Development Code (“CDC”) states that any proposed reduction of workforce housing on the properties is at the sole discretion of Town Council based upon demonstration of practical hardship and the applicants are seeking input from the Design Review Board and Town Council prior to submittal of a development application on this and other matters listed above. It is important to note that the proposal does not include any changes to the property’s underlying multi-family or open space zone districts although the project is required to pursue a Rezoning as required by the CDC to transfer density off of the Property.  The project proposes to transfer both open space lots to the town subsequent to development approvals of the planned unit development (PUD) rescission and density transfer and rezone.   The following section provides more information on the proposed La Montagne development:   Name of Applicant: SALT Architecture & Alpine Planning, LLC on behalf of MV Holdings, LLC Lot Included in Proposal: Lot 126R, Lot 152R, Tract OSP-126; Tract OSP-118 Cumulative Lot Sizes: 4.58 acres Review Authority:  Design Review Board (DRB) and Town Council   Date and Time of Public Meeting Work Sessions:   Design Review Board Meeting Date:  July 11, 2019 Design Review Board Meeting Time:  10:00 a.m. or as soon as practicable thereafter   Town Council Meeting Date:  July 18, 2019 Town Council Meeting Time:  8:30 a.m. or as soon as practicable thereafter   Location of Work Sessions:  Town Hall, Town Council Meeting Room, 455 Mountain Village Blvd, Ste. A, Mountain Village, CO 81435   Detailed Summary of Development Application(s):  Conceptual work sessions for the revocation and release of the Rosewood PUD; Density Transfer and Rezone that will result in a total of 67 condominium units, two employee apartments and 3,000 square feet of limited commercial area. Discussion of proposed conceptual designs on Lot 152R only.   Link to View Concept Plans: Current Planning Projects.   Please send written comments addressed to the Design Review Board & Town Council to:    Or by mail to: Mountain Village Planning & Development Services Department 455 Mountain Village Boulevard, Suite A Mountain Village, Colorado 81435.   The project has yet to submit a formal application for the project. There will be additional public notice provided when an application for the proposed project has been submitted to the Planning and Development Service Department.  

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