Snow Removal

Important reminders for snow removal measures

With this week’s monumental snowstorm dropping 58 inches of new snow in the past seven days (39” of which has fallen since Monday), the Town of Mountain Village would like to remind residents, property managers and business owners of the following safety precautions when clearing snow from properties:

  • Ensure the address monuments for your properties are cleared of all snow so emergency personnel can see them from the main road. This is also helpful for FedEx and UPS drivers.
  • Remember to clear any exterior vents on your house. If the vents are on the roof, please consider hiring professionals to do this work. If boiler vents are blocked with snow, this can create an increased risk of carbon monoxide emissions in your home. In that same vein, be sure to have carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home and ensure they have fresh batteries.
  • When removing snow from your roof be sure to communicate with any possible individuals below and make sure a potential roof slide isn’t going to bury or break your gas meter line. Also, please keep snow clear from your gas meter.

If you have any questions please call the Mountain Village Police Department at 970.728.9281 or Telluride Fire District offices at 970.728.3801. if you have an emergency always call 911, or if you can’t call, text 911. And be sure to follow the Mountain Village Police Department on Twitter and Facebook for the updates on conditions, safety and more.

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