Irrigation Assessment Incentive returns in 2023


The Town of Mountain Village is pleased to announce its second year of Irrigation Assessment Rebates for homeowners and businesses, available through a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

Residential and business properties within Mountain Village, Ski Ranches and West Meadows qualify for the program. Qualifying properties can request an irrigation system assessment from landscaping or irrigation companies and receive up to a $300 rebate for completing the assessment. The goal of the program is to incentivize properties to evaluate their irrigation systems for inefficiencies and potential leaks and to provide property owners with a list of solutions to address these issues.

This rebate program complements the Town’s existing efforts to mitigate the effects of Colorado’s drought through water conservation and water loss prevention. Colorado is currently experiencing a historic drought spanning more than two decades. Outdoor water restrictions will go into effect on June 1, 2023 (as they do most summers) to implement an irrigation schedule and a reduction in water consumption levels.

The Town’s Smart Irrigation Controls Incentive Program eases compliance with these restrictions by offering Rachio smart irrigation controllers or rebates for controllers to residents and businesses who are on the Town of Mountain Village water system. An irrigation assessment is a pre-requisite to Smart Irrigation Controls Incentive Program. For questions about the program, please contact.

While Colorado had a good year for precipitation, our water troubles are nowhere near over. Colorado is still in an active drought and negotiations about the future of the Colorado River have reached the White House.

Why water conservation matters - the data

  • April 2023 was the 31st driest April on record for San Miguel County over the past 129 years. The amount of precipitation is 0.8452 inches less than normal.
  • Over 65% of the United States is abnormally dry and 44.2% of the country is in a moderate drought.
  • Strains to the system include population growth, long-term warming trends, major wildfires, and multi-year droughts.
  • Colorado is in active drought. Water Year 2020 was the 12th warmest water year on record in Colorado since 1895.
  • 20 states, including 19 million Coloradans, and Mexico depend on the water from Colorado's major river basins

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