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July Green Tip of the Month

Categories: Environment

July's Green Tip of the Month encourages people to wash their cars in the car wash, instead of at home. According to Southwest Car Wash Alliance, rinsing your car off with a garden hose at home can use 100 or more gallons of water. A standard garden hose can expel about 11 gallons of water per minute. Self-service car wash stations limit you to around 17 or 18 gallons of water, and according to a study from the 2018 International Carwash Association, most full-service car wash stations average 30-45 gallons of water per car. And many carwashes recycle and reuse water. Additionally, washing your car at home can wash dirt, oil, soap and other chemicals into a storm drain and into nearby rivers and lakes. Carwashes are designed to collect water to reuse and then send water to wastewater treatment plants to filter out pollutants.

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