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July Mayor's Minute

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Greetings neighbors, I hope you are enjoying our summer weather and the arrival of monsoon season. Your town government has been busy at work with a few highlights being: June 20 Meeting Highlights 1 > Our friends from Telluride Town Council joined us for a joint session to discuss a long range master plan for upgrading and expanding the jointly owned wastewater treatment plant. While not a glamorous subject, this project discussion is necessary given new EPA standards and the growing demand for our region. This project will be costly and could reach over $30 million in expenses and will require careful planning and regional collaboration. 2 > Town Council approved an expansion of the Mountain Village-owned Village Court Apartments (VCA) workforce housing development project by 50 units. The impacts of added density and traffic on the surrounding neighbors for this expansion were taken into consideration during the discussion. This approval marks the beginning of a potential project at VCA with more public discussions to be held as the project moves forward. 3 > The Town Hall Subarea committee held a public hearing and recommended a revised Town Hall Subarea Chapter for our 30 year Comprehensive Plan. Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (TMVOA), Telluride Ski & Golf (TSG) and the Town of Mountain Village worked collaboratively to create a compelling vision for the Town Hall Subarea Plan. Now the committee will focus on beginning the long process of prioritizing projects and establishing funding for implementation of the plan. 4 > Council, staff and guests, took an extended lunch break to publicly thank and honor our three Town Council Members Cath Jett, Michelle Sherry, and Marty McKinley for their years of service on Town Council during their last meeting. Special thanks to Cath, Michelle, and Marty their families for working so hard for our community and for their public service. 5 > Marketing Telluride Inc (MTI) and the Colorado Flights Alliance presented our destination's tourism and flight performance reports. Report highlights noted another record winter season and healthy growth in regional air service. 6 > Council chose not to sign the current petition supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and will instead draft our own letter supporting the goals of the pact, minus some of the critical comments included in the petition letter. 7 > Finally, we heard from Council and staff on council boards and commissions updates and staff reports as well as conducting a series of routine land use matters. July 27 Agenda Highlights This month Council continues its work with a full agenda. 1 > This week's meeting represents a significant milestone in our local government. The Town of Mountain Village will swear into office our three newly elected Town Council members and put them to work almost immediately. A special welcome to Patrick Berry, Paul Oupadia, and Jack Gilbride. 2 > Next, Town Council will vote and elect the Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem to serve the next two-year term. 3 > With the new team in place, council will work together to assign roles on the various boards and commissions that members of the Council serve on. 4 > Council will hear updates from the San Miguel Regional Housing Authority, Eco-Action Partners and the potential for expanded higher education in the Telluride area. 5 > CenturyLink representatives will update our community on their plan to increase reliability and redundancy for local internet services to the town. 6 > Finally, in standard meeting procedure, Town Council will consider routine land use matters as well as reports from Council members and town staff that will round out this month's agenda. As always, we hope you can join us for the meeting whether in person, online or by providing your thoughts and input in advance of the meeting by to the Clerk's office. Warm Regards, Dan Jansen Mountain Village Mayor

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