Mayors Minute

July Mayor's Minute

Hello neighbors, Below are some Town Council meeting highlights from last month and some upcoming topics. As always, I hope you can join us for Thursday's meeting or consider sharing your feedback with us about any of these matters. June 14 Meeting Highlights

July 19 Agenda Topics

  • We will appoint one residential representative to each of the following two boards: o Ethics Commission o Community Grant Committee
  • Town Council will consider a resolution to sell an affordable housing unit, Cassidy Ridge Unit C201, to a town employee via a weighted lottery system and based on ongoing town-employment requirements. The Town Charter requires that Town Council approves any sale of town-owned property. The town has gone through the lottery system and is set to sell the unit to an employee with a closing date of August 7. All proceeds from the sale go back into the Affordable Housing Fund.
  • After months of direct negotiation between principal-designated representatives, in April Town Council approved a term sheet regarding settlement of the 161C-R and Ridge at Telluride litigation. Per the terms of the settlement, the Ridge Development is submitting an Alternative Parking Requirements Application with a request to reduce the required parking to one parking space per condominium unit from the two parking spaces required by the Community Development Code.
  • Finance Director Kevin Swain will present the 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and 2017 Audit Report for Council approval. A few highlights from the report: o The town’s net position increased $4.2 million – up from $52.6 to $56.8 million. o Sales tax collections continue to establish new record levels - exceeding $4.26 million for the first time. o Development-related revenues exceeded prior year by over 100% - contributing to surpluses building the town’s General Fund reserves to $10.9 million.
  • Due to recent staffing changes, Town Council will consider short- and long-term options to support forest health and mitigation program administration. To continue offering these programs, we will be considering a proposal to move forward in the short-term by contracting for the necessary tree-marking services while a Request for Proposals (RFP) for longer-term services is in the works. I am hopeful we can find a solution that allows us to continue offering the Defensible Space Initiative Program and the Cedar Shake Incentive Program to property owners without interruption during the program’s busiest season.
  • Public Works Director Finn Kjome will update us on the current drought status and ongoing water restrictions.
  • Lastly, we will receive reports from EcoAction Partners, Telluride Ski & Golf, and the Town Hall and Village Center Subarea Committees.

If you would like more specifics about any of these topics, you can review minutes from the meeting or watch the video on the town website. A full agenda has been posted on our website; we welcome your input and hope to see you at the meeting. Warm regards, Laila Benitez Mountain Village Mayor

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