Living with rodents in the mountains

Living in the mountains and forested areas comes with its perks but also some unique challenges. One of those challenges may be rodent issues.

With warming spring temperatures and melting snow, spring can present an increase in the presence of rodents as they move from winter hibernation outside to more active cycles with warming weather. It is also the beginning of the animals’ mating cycle bringing increases in population size.

The Town of Mountain Village recently became aware of residents using poison to rid their homes of rodents. The Town does not use or endorse the use of rodenticides unless used in tandem with a professional rodent extermination service as its use can pose significant health risks to children, pets and other wildlife.

The Town strongly suggests keeping dogs on leashes if you believe rodenticides have been used in your neighborhood, and make sure to keep a watchful eye on children playing outside to prevent accidental exposure to rodenticide.

For those facing rodent control issues, we suggest the following alternative measures:

  • Seal possible entries into your home: caulk, board up or poke steel wool into openings to keep rodents out of your home or garage.
  • Eliminate food sources:
    • Store pet food and any food in tight sealing metal or plastic containers.
    • Avoid storing food in garage or sheds unless in rodent-proof containers.
    • Keep trash cans closed at all times with tightly fitting lids.

For further information on natural rodent repellents, visit this blog post. For further information on rodent control in general, visit the Front Range’s Tri-County Health Department’s rodent control website.

If you need to take further measures to address rodent issues, please contact a professional extermination company and communicate any recommended actions they take on your property with neighbors.

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