March 2024 Mountain Village Minute

The Mountain Village Town Council held its regular monthly meeting last week on Thursday, February 15. Below you will find a recap of the meeting.

Unless otherwise noted, all items below were unanimously voted by all seven Town Council members.

March 21 Meeting Highlights

Charter Amendment Discussion:

Council considered a first reading, setting of a public hearing and council vote on an ordinance calling for a special election on July 9, and setting ballot questions regarding proposed amendments to the Mountain Village Home Rule Charter.

The special election would ask the following five charter amendment questions:

  1. Allowing property owners holding property in LLCs or other entities the ability to vote like other non-resident property owners
  2. Moving the regular election from the last Tuesday in June to the last Tuesday in July
  3. Clarifying the effective dates of ordinances
  4. Allowing publication of ordinances via the Town website rather than by newspaper
  5. Reconciling a conflict between the Town Code and the Charter regarding DRB terms

Council discussed the proposition, the five ballot questions, how LLC voting could be verified by staff and heard public comments against it.

In a 5-2 vote (with Mayor Marti Prohaska and Tucker Magid dissenting), Council approved the first reading of the ordinance setting the special election. The motion also included amending ballot question 1 to exclude commercial-use properties from the list of eligible voters and to prohibit corporations that own residential properties from voting as non-residents.

Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing and second reading of the revised ordinance at its April 25 regular meeting.

Other agenda items included:

All Mountain Village Town Council meetings are live-streamed with a Zoom option for remote participation. You may watch this meeting on-demand on the Town’s website to learn more about a particular agenda item.

Town Council will hold its next regular meeting on Thursday, March 21. Meeting material is posted to the Town's website and distributed via email the Friday before each meeting.

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