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Dear neighbors, We have just seen our first snowfall and our summer toys are being swapped out for ski gear, with a palpable sense of winter fun and excitement growing in the air. Last month many actions were taken, and discussions underway. We approved our vending cart policies that will allow for an additional cart in Heritage Plaza, a new cart in Conference Center Plaza and the potential for some carts to operate extended hours when activity would support it (e.g. to serve long gondola lines). We also approved an ordinance allowing Cell Towers on Wheels (COWS), which are temporary expansions of our cell phone capacity to improve system performance. The hope is that our permanent solution will be in place within a year and this ordinance will truly be a temporary measure. We also agreed to participate in a task force with members from the Town of Telluride, TMVOA, TTB and TSG to analyze the potential for a transition plan for Gay Ski Week from its current fee-for-service TMVOA supported, to an independent producer model for this upcoming season. We will hear the task force's initial thinking at this upcoming meeting. Finally, the Town received a decision from the ski company, consistent with their rights in our parking agreements, to offer free day-use parking for the customers of the ski company in the gondola parking garage, and we will work with them to implement that this coming season. This week we will be conducting a special budget meeting on October 29. For those with an interest in the Town finances, this is a chance to see every manager present every department's objectives, plans, and budgets for 2016. Please join us for this critical deep dive into our finances. Going forward, we have set our Town Council meeting schedule for the coming year. Many of the meetings will be in our usual slot on the third Thursday of the month starting at 8:30 a.m. That said, based on feedback from some residents that daytime meetings are hard to attend, we have experimented with our March, July, and December meetings starting at 3 p.m. and going into the evening. Please go to the Town's website to see the exact schedule and let us know if these changes help or hurt your chances of participating. Warm Regards, Dan Jansen Mountain Village Mayor

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