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Mountain Village Boosts Internet Speeds for Broadband Customers

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Mountain Village Broadband customers will be able to take advantage of new speed increases in their internet service packages, at no extra cost. Broadband Services Director, Steve LeHane said that it would be increasing the speeds of its Internet service packages for customers in Mountain Village with download speeds increasing up to 65 percent for some customers. Eligible customers will see significant changes in their service depending on their package. Choice Customers with 12Mbps Internet download speeds are being upped to 20Mbps; Entertainment Internet subscribers who currently have 20Mbps are going to 30Mbps, and Ultimate subscribers are being upgraded to 50Mbps. New service changes are now in effect. If you continue to experience previous speeds at this point, please contact us for help at [phone](970) 369-0555[/phone] or by email. For questions on your service or to order new or upgraded service, please contact the Mountain Village Broadband Department at [phone](970) 369-0555[/phone] and email or by visiting

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