Mountain Village Cable announces ResortInternet partnership, improved digital cable options

At its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, Sept. 17, the Mountain Village Town Council approved entering a contract with ResortInternet to be the television channel provider for Mountain Village Cable.

The new service will provide digital and high def channels to subscribers for roughly 30 percent less than previous monthly rates. The move will also improve TV quality for all Mountain Village hotel and hospitality providers.

“This agreement gives us an opportunity to increase the quality of our TV channel lineup and improve our gross margins,” said Mountain Village Chief Technology Officer Jim Soukup to council on Thursday via Zoom.

ResortInternet is a Colorado-based company founded in 2003 in Frisco, providing Internet, TV and phone services to hotels, senior living facilities, condominium complexes, and small towns, with customers extending from Texas to California.

“We are very excited to partner with the Town of Mountain Village. Expanding our customer footprint into one of Colorado’s premier destination ski towns,” said ResortInternet Vice President of Sales Bryon Wentzlaff.

ResortInternet crews will arrive in early October to begin work on transitioning over to the new service. Hotels are expected to be connected by the beginning of ski season. As customers are connected to Mountain Village’s new fiber network, they will be able to connect to the new TV packages throughout the coming months. Any customer who is already connected to the fiber network will be contacted by the Cable Department once crews identify the best way to connect their TV packages.

“It will take some time to migrate subscribers over to the new system while we add subscribers to our fiber network, and as they’re getting onto the new fiber network, they will have the option to jump onto the new TV service,” Soukup said.

“This is a very affordable way for second homeowners, renters, businesses and owners to have a solid, affordable channel package, with music streaming that can sit wonderfully as a base for your other in-home entertainment services,” Soukup added.

Customers will also receive a free receiver, also known as a Wally box, as a part of their new subscription package for each TV in their home. The new package also includes a simple-to-use interactive channel guide that cable users are familiar with.

“We view this as a win for everyone. At the end of the day, television subscribers in Mountain Village will receive an enhanced channel lineup at discounted rates. Looking forward to kicking off the conversion,” Wentzlaff said.

Current Mountain Village cable customers will be contacted by the Mountain Village broadband/cable department in the coming weeks once the new service has been set up and connected through ResortInternet and is ready for the public.

Those interested in learning more can call the Cable Department at (970) 369-0555.

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