Mountain Village Cable to turn off outdated service; switch to digital TV package week of October 25


On October 25, 2021 at 9 a.m. the Town of Mountain Village (TMV) Broadband and Cable Department will be turning off its old legacy TV programming and switching users over to its digital cable package offered through ResortInternet.

The switch comes a year after a partnership between TMV and ResortInternet was announced which offers customers on the Town’s fiber network digital, high-def channels for roughly 30 percent less than the previous monthly rate.

Since it was launched late last year, the new service has only been available for customers on the new fiber network, and the week of October 25, ResortInternet technicians will be in town helping switch all customers over to the new TV package regardless of if they are still on cable modem or on the new high speed fiber connection. The technicians will be in town through October 28, so customers are advised to schedule a time to switch over at their earliest convenience.

“It’s time to cut the cord on our out-dated cable modem TV services,” said Mountain Village’s Chief Technology Officer Jim Soukup. “Whether you’re on fiber, or still on cable modem (because fiber is not yet ready for your address), we’re replacing your TV service with a cheaper and better TV lineup.”

Mountain Village Cable/Broadband subscribers who are still currently on the old TV channel system, and they will be contacted via email and their upcoming bills to be notified of this change.

Cutting over to the new system is free for customers and comes with a cheaper monthly bill for users. The new package is only $60 per month, with no contract required, a free Wally receiver for each TV in the home and DISH video-on-demand library included.

Customers who need to make the switch are encouraged to schedule a technician to switch their home over to the new system the week of October 25 by calling 970-369-0555. To view the new TV channel lineup and learn more, please visit

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