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Mountain Village Launches Financial Transparency Portal

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In an effort to provide the community with a more transparent budget, the Town of Mountain Village announces its new financial transparency portal. Partnering with OpenGov, a California-based company specializing in financial transparency, the Town now offers in-depth financial reporting with two years of actuals, current and proposed budgets. “We went with OpenGov to not only open a new, more transparent window to our budgeting process, but to offer staff a more efficient way to submit their budget requests each year,” said the Town of Mountain Village’s Finance Director Kevin Swain. Since its incorporation in 1995, the Town of Mountain Village has been committed to honest budgeting and financial transparency, and this new portal makes the data clear and easy to understand. “Transparency is important as it gives citizens and others who are interested another way to understand a complicated document, like our budget, and how it reflects the services the Town provides for its residents, businesses and visitors alike,” Swain said. The site provides those interested with the opportunity to view, filter and analyze and expenses for the Town of Mountain Village. OpenGov provides that data in interactive charts and graphs. “The site offers a less complicated way for interested people and organizations to look at and understand what a municipal budget means and looks like,” Swain said.  

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