Mountain Village Town Council to hold worksession to identify future housing development priorities May 16


At its next regular meeting on Thursday, May 16, the Mountain Village Town Council will hold a housing work session to identify potential land areas for the future development of community housing.

In October 2021, the Mountain Village Housing Authority produced a housing inventory of possible land areas owned by the Town for potential community housing development. The MVHA is now in the process of identifying which properties, if any, are most viable to prioritize.

“With Meadowlark and Village Court Apartments Phase IV nearing completion in 2024, Town staff has chosen four areas owned by the Town, and this work session was scheduled to receive public comment and council direction on what properties the MVHA should prioritize next,” said Assistant Town Manager Michelle Haynes.

The properties that will be discussed during the worksession are:

  • Lot OS-3A, Village Center- at the junction of Mountain Village Boulevard and Country Club Drive
  • Lot OS-16, residential- at the junction of Benchmark and Wilson Peak Drives
  • Land Unit 1 & 4 Town Hall Subarea- between Mountain Village Town Hall and Gondola Parking Garage
  • Lot OS-8 residential- along Mountain Village Boulevard

“The purpose of this work session is to orient the Town Council and the public to the viability of housing development,” Haynes said. “Housing can be controversial, so to that end, it is important to vet any possible development in advance with the community so that the Town Council can better understand prioritizing potential development based on public input.”

Packet materials for this discussion may be viewed at:

Town Council is scheduled to consider this item at 6:10 p.m. on Thursday, May 16. However, agenda times are approximate and subject to change. The public is invited to attend all meetings virtually or in person. Town Council meeting info and Zoom log-in information is available on the Town’s website.

Written public comments may be addressed to Town Council and sent to .

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