Mountain Village welcomes two public art installations to Village Center

Over the course of the summer, the Town of Mountain Village, and its Public Art Commission (PAC) welcomed two public art installations to Village Center.

In collaboration with the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association and Telluride Arts, a call for entries was conducted in May of 2023. Out of 28 entries, the PAC selected the following two installations:

  • “Mum” at Conference Center Plaza: created by Lisa and Robert Furguson, this sculpture is comprised of over $1,000 in pennies and depicts a mother bear and her cub. This installation is from the same artists behind the penny bear in east Telluride.
  • “Bridging Art and Technology,” adjacent to Sunset Plaza: Telluride-based artist John Kirk Drogsvold combines art and technology to explore the possibilities of digital fabrication. His sculptures that hang under the bridge between Reflection and Sunset plazas are made from powder-coated aluminum and strung together with mountaineering gear.

Both pieces will be on display through the summer of 2024.

“The Mum penny bear is unique in that it is interactive and visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to touch, feel and climb on the bear for that picture-perfect moment,” said Community Engagement Coordinator Molly Norton. “These exhibits were placed outside of Heritage Plaza to invite viewers outside of the traditional core area of Village Center to enjoy the art in Sunset and Conference Center plazas as well as enjoying nearby food, drink and retail options.”

After the success of The Cabins public art installation in November 2021, the Public Art Commission was created in the summer of 2022 to review art and proposals located in a plaza area, rights-of-way or other public spaces where art is intended to be enjoyed by the residents and visitors of Mountain Village.

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