November Green Tip of the Month

Categories: Environment

For the holidays, the Mountain VIllage Green Team November Green Tip of the Month reminds you to buy only what you need for your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to reduce food waste.

It is estimated that Americans throw away roughly $165 billion in uneaten food, and about $293 million of that waste will happen during Thanksgving with uneaten Turkey.

Food waste can be reduced with the following measures:

  • Figure out how much food you and your guest will need. This calculator helps guess how much food you need for any number of dinner guests.
  • Go vegetarian: turkey isn't the only thing that has to be the main dish, and if you do buy a turkey, consider buying organic or free range.
  • Find recipes that use leftovers: shepherds pie, ehcniladsa, soups and much more can help you enjoy your leftovers for days to follow

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