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November Mayor's Minute

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Hello neighbors, Though winter is taking its time arriving in Mountain Village, the town is hard at work preparing for the season and planning for the coming year. October 19 Meeting Highlights

  • Town Council voted unanimously to confirm the appointment of Natalie Binder as the new Town Council member. Based on advice from legal counsel, a motion was necessary to confirm the vote taken by paper ballot at the September meeting. Moving forward all Council votes will be verbal, as prescribed in the Town Charter.
  • The Town Hall Subarea Committee updated us about Phase II of the Town Hall Subarea Plan and we voted to appoint Natalie Binder to fill Cath Jett’s seat on this committee.
  • Additionally, we discussed the overall goals for the 2018 Village Center Subarea and the desire to see a holistic study of the area, which includes existing and future plans for an engaging Village Center, exploring adequacy of the core’s infrastructure, and a review of undeveloped parcels in the village core.
  • We voted to approve, on first reading, an ordinance that would amend Section 3.04.020 of the Municipal Code to adopt statewide standardized sales taxes definitions.

If you would like more specifics about any of these topics, you can review minutes from the meeting or review the meeting video at the town website. November 16 Agenda Highlights

  • Town Council will consider approval of Auberge Resorts, LLC as the replacement hotel operator of Hotel Madeline, pursuant to the criteria outlined in the town’s Hotel Covenants. Such an approval would be conditioned upon sale of the property and the new owner appointing Auberge as the operator of the Hotel Madeline. Auberge, who also operates the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, has stated their commitment to operate the hotel as the premier luxury hotel in the Telluride region.
  • There is a placeholder item for Town Council to potentially consider a term sheet regarding settlement of the 161CR and Ridge at Telluride ongoing litigation. If a mutually agreeable term sheet is presented by this Thursday’s meeting, in an effort to help all parties act expeditiously on a possible resolution, Town Council is prepared to review and potentially approve a term sheet.
  • Town Council will review and vote on first reading of the 2018 and revised 2017 budgets. Once the last substantive changes have been incorporated in the 2018 budget, a budget-specific email will be sent out.
  • We will take a deep dive into the Ski Ranches Water System Improvement Plan. The Ski Ranches water system has the oldest water infrastructure in the Mountain Village water system; this plan lays out a course to replace the aging infrastructure over the next thirty-plus years.
  • Council will consider updating the Town of Mountain Village Employer Assisted Housing Program, which was last reviewed in 2007.
  • Craig Ferguson, with Planet Bluegrass, will be discussing parking in Mountain Village for future Telluride Bluegrass Festivals.

A full agenda has been posted on our website; we welcome your input by any means you are comfortable with and hope to see you at the meeting. Warm regards, Laila Benitez Mountain Village Mayor

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