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November Mayor's Minute

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Hello neighbors, Below are some Town Council meeting highlights from last month and some upcoming topics. As always, I hope you can join us for tomorrow's meeting or consider sharing your feedback with us about any of these matters. October 18 Meeting Highlights

  • Town Council approved, on first reading, an ordinance outlining the legal operation of drones within town limits.
  • To further encourage the development of workforce/deed-restricted housing, Town Council gave direction to town staff to waive and/or reduce related building fees in the 2019 Planning and Building Department Fee Schedule.
  • In an effort to implement the vision of the 2011 Comprehensive Plan, we discussed whether the Community Development Code requirement that major development applications be in “General Conformance” with the Comprehensive Plan is too vague and could hinder implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, as the term lacks clarity. Town Council asked staff to draft an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan that will provide more guidance and certainty as to what “General Conformance” means.
  • Town Council reviewed and prioritized the work plan recommendations provided by AECOM and the Village Center Subarea Committee. The following six items were identified as low-hanging fruit in the Village Center and prioritized as follows:
    1. Improve WiFi speed and connectivity
    2. Explore common consumption approach
    3. Install additional lighting, as needed for safety improvements
    4. Regulate trash and delivery service routes and times
    5. Explore installation of pop-ups in Heritage Plaza
    6. Utilize bus and shuttle drop-off at Blue Mesa to its full potential
  • Lastly, we received reports from the Telluride Conference Center, and Town Hall and Village Center Subarea Committees.
If you would like more specifics about any of these topics, you can review minutes from the meeting or watch the video on the town website. November 15 Agenda Topics
  • Town Council will review and vote, first reading, the 2019 and revised 2018 budgets. Once the last substantive changes have been incorporated in the 2019 budget, a budget-specific email will be sent out.
  • Consideration of an ordinance to make minor housekeeping amendments to the Community Development Code. These are generally technical amendments identified by staff as needed to improve the zoning/development code administration.
  • Telluride Distilling Company, who has a Manufacturing License and is located in Lawson Hill, has applied to the State of Colorado for an off-site tasting room permit in the Mountain Village Center. This is a state permit and the town does not approve the permit but as a courtesy we may provide comments.
  • Uptown Services, LLC will present the findings of the recently completed Broadband Feasibility Study. In 2019, the town is pursuing a major upgrade to our network infrastructure, with the goal of offering 1G fiber services to every home. Their assessment will help us to determine the timeline and financial viability of this undertaking.
  • Bill Jensen with Telluride Ski & Golf and the Town Hall and Village Center Subarea Committees will provide updates.
  • Lastly, we would like to publicly acknowledge Paul Major’s recent recognition by Colorado Governor Hickenlooper with the Governor’s Citizenship Medal for “Growth & Innovation.”
A full agenda has been posted on our website; we welcome your input and hope to see you at the meeting. Warm regards, Laila Benitez Mountain Village Mayor

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