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October Mayor's Minute

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Hello neighbors, Below are some Town Council meeting highlights from last month and some upcoming topics. As always, I hope you can join us for tomorrow's meeting or consider sharing your feedback with us about any of these matters.

  • On October 10, Town Council convened a Special Town Council meeting focused on the 2019 budget where council members reviewed the details of each department’s budget, received the Grant Committee’s recommendations, and discussed upcoming capital improvement projects. Stay tuned for a more in-depth email dedicated solely to the 2019 budget.
September 20 Meeting Highlights
  • Town Council approved a Telluride Bluegrass Festival agreement increasing the cost of festival parking from $40,000 annually to approximately $120,000 annually. The five-year agreement will ultimately generate $600,000 in town revenue earmarked for future Gondola Parking Garage enhancements, after costs for additional support services. The Bluegrass Festival remains the only event to which the town extends an on-street parking privilege.
  • Town Council held a worksession to review the first draft of the 2019 budget. The following key capital expenditures were reviewed and are still under consideration:o    Village Court Apartments estimated 45+ unit expansion o    Broadband system fiber capacity upgrades (1G Project) o    Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant capacity upgrades o    Ski Ranches Water System ongoing infrastructure replacements o    Trail improvements within Mountain Village o    Village Pond restoration o    Completion of wayfinding improvements o    Consulting for a possible expansion of the Conference Center
  • Town Council directed town staff to initiate revocation of the Lots 126R and 152R (commonly known as “Rosewood) PUD. The proposed PUD revocation will remove all approvals for mass and scale, previously granted variances, building design, and certain other approvals granted by the expired PUD. Once revocation is completed, any future project on these lots will need a new application and review.
  • We approved a resolution opposing Colorado Amendment 74, a proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution, which seeks to amend the state constitution to include compensation for any government law or basic local land-use decisions such as zoning or liquor licenses, which might result in a reduction of fair market value of a landowner’s property. This proposed amendment contains expansive language that could result in significant costs to local taxpayers.
  • We reviewed the results of the recently completed Internet Technology Needs Assessment Report by Executech. In the coming year, we will be making changes and upgrades to our IT infrastructure based on this review.
  • Lastly, we received reports from AECOM, and the Town Hall and Village Center Subarea Committees.
If you would like more specifics about any of these topics, you can review minutes from the meeting or watch the video on the town website. October 18 Agenda Topics
  • On September 23, 2018, Mountain Village lost a dear friend and neighbor with the sudden death of local business (Tracks) owner, Jeff Jurecki. Jeff was an active member of our community, helping his neighbors with generosity and thoughtfulness, and bringing the community together for gatherings at the Meadows Playground. On Thursday, we will consider renaming the playground as the Jeff Jurecki Memorial Playground.
  • Town Council will consider a proposal by the Green Team and the Ecology Commission to pass an ordinance banning single-use plastics.
  • We will review an ordinance regarding the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) within town limits.
  • Town Council will discuss supporting the development and renovation of workforce housing by reducing and/or waiving building fees in the existing Planning and Building Department Fee Schedule.
  • We will discuss whether the Community Development Code requirement that major development applications be in “General Conformance” with the Comprehensive Plan is too vague and could hinder implementation of the Comprehensive Plan as the term lacks clarity. Town Council will consider whether an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan which gives more guidance and certainty as to what “General Conformance” means would be helpful.
  • AECOM and the Village Center Subarea Committee recently came up with expedited workplan recommendations for Town Council to consider. The following seven items were identified as low-hanging fruit to be addressed by December 31, 2018:o    Improve Wi-Fi Speed and Connectivity in the Village Center o    Regulate Trash and Delivery Service Routes & Times in the Village Center o    Utilize Drop-Off at Blue Mesa Building to its Full Potential o    Explore Installation of "Pop-Up" Businesses in Heritage Plaza o    Install Lighting for Safety Improvements in Village Center o    Explore Open Container/Common Consumption Approach
  • Finally, the Telluride Conference Center, Telluride Ski and Golf, and the Town Hall and Village Center Subarea Committees will provide updates.
A full agenda has been posted on our website; we welcome your input and hope to see you at the meeting. Warm regards, Laila Benitez Mountain Village Mayor

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