Recycling Reminders

Recycling reminders from Waste Management

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The Town of Mountain Village and Waste Management, the company that processes our recycling here in Mountain Village, would like to remind customers of some key rules for proper recycling.

Before recycling, please make sure that all containers are clean and dry and free of food and liquids.

All empty plastic bottles and containers can now be recycled as long as they are clean and drink. Caps and lids are also recyclable and can be put back on the empty containers. Food and beverage cans and glass bottles and containers are also all accepted as well as paper and flattened cardboard & paperboard.

These items can be mixed in the same container.

Please do not include any foam cups or containers, and no loose plastic bags in your recycling containers. This will contaminate your recycling. For a full picture of what can, and can't be recycled, please download this handy infographic. And download this image for a look at the Most Common Contaminates to keep out of your recycling bin.

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