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September Green Tip of the Month

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September's Mountain Village Green Team Green Tip of the Month reminds you that you can currently recycle plastic film. EcoAction Partners is currently collecting grocery bags, packaging air pillows, ziplock bags, dry cleaning bags and other plastics free of resident and designated locations through November. To learn where and how to drop off plastics for recycling, please visit their website.

Mountain Village now has two drop-off locations for plastic recycling, at the TMVOA office and outside council chambers on the second floor of the Mountain Village Town Hall.

Small quantities, a grocery gab volume or smaller are collected at no charge, and larger quantities are charged at 25 cents per pound. EcoAction Partners' entire process can be found on their website.

The programming is ongoing through November 24, 2019, and will be assessed for permanent implementation at that time.

What can be recycled (all plastic must be clean, dry and free of food residue):

• Grocery bags
• Packaging Air Pillows
• Ziplock & reclosable food storage bags
• Dry cleaning bags
• Bread bags
• Cereal Liners
• Trash bags, any color
• Newspaper sleeves
• Ice bags
• Wood pellet bags
• Produce bags
• Bubble wrap
• Salt bags
• Case overwrap
• LDPE / HDPE Films
• 2, 4 polyethylene film

What cannot be recycled:

• Degradable/compostable bags or film packaging
• Pre-washed salad mix bags
• Frozen food bags
• Candy bar wrappers
• Chip bags
• Six-pack rings
• Other recyclables; this waste stream is for plastic film only

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