Town Hall & Village Center Subarea Planning and Initiatives

During March 2018's Town Council meeting there were several updates related to planning initiatives for the Town Hall and Village Center Subareas. In 2016, the Town of Mountain Village, Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (TMVOA), and Telluride Ski & Golf Resort (TSG) in a collaborative effort formed a committee to carefully evaluate and engage a public process to determine the most appropriate uses for the Town Hall Subarea (THS). In June 2017, after an 18-month effort that included several public Work sessions, Town Council unanimously approved an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to replace the THS chapter. View the amended THS chapter. At the March 15 Town Council meeting, Council heard from committee members and consultants from AECOM on next-step planning for critical elements of the approved THS plan that are aligned with community feedback and will enable and/or promote future development phasing. Specifically, four priority items serve as the “spine of the overall THS plan”: Roundabout, Roadway Consolidation, Elk Lake/Park, and School Bus Stop. During this year, surveying, civil engineering, and planning will take place to understand costs and implementation planning better. Council was updated on the committee’s planning efforts for the Village Center Subarea (VCS). In the second half of 2017, the committee began discussing the VCS and ways to implement the existing Comp Plan actions for this subarea. The committee updated Council in October 2017 and identified three categories to help focus the following objectives: Vibrancy and Activation, Infrastructure, and Undeveloped Parcels. During the past few months, the committee further discussed the implementation of principals, policies and actions, with attention to land use values and vision statements in the 2011 Comprehensive Plan. This resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that Council considered at the March 15 meeting. After thorough discussion, Council approved the MOU.

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