Ski Patrol Howitzer

Telluride Ski Patrol to hold Howitzer training Friday, Nov. 8

Telluride Ski Patrol and the US Forest Service will begin mandatory annual howitzer training this Friday, Nov. 8.

Telluride Ski Resort will be CLOSED to ALL travel during Friday’s training, so please do not plan any recreation around the resort on Friday, including hiking, biking, skiing or hunting.

Beginning at approximately 9 a.m. and continuing through the day, expect to hear live firings of the avalanche mitigation cannon from the ski resort. Telluride Ski Patrol operates two howitzers to assist the Snow Safety Team in the mitigation of avalanche danger. Training is expected to end by 5 p.m.

It is critically important to note that howitzer shrapnel can be deadly as far as 1,500 feet away from the point of impact. Warning signs will be placed around the resort at key locations to serve as reminders.

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