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Telluride TV goes worldwide

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For the first time ever, Telluride’s local public access channel will be available around the globe. The station is offering all of its unique community programming to the rest of the world through the world wide web. Telluride TV’s Executive Director Peter Kenworthy announced the official launch today of a new online platform that allows viewers to stream the channel anywhere in the world and to view Telluride TV’s content on demand on “It used to be that if you wanted to watch Telluride TV, you needed to be in Telluride,” said Kenworthy. “And, even if you were in Telluride, you had to have a cable subscription. And, even if you were in Telluride, and subscribed to cable - and our signal was working - you needed to actually be in front of your television at the right time to see a particular show. All that is now history. From today, anyone, anywhere, at any time, can check out our Telluride-based broadcast and our archived content.” In operation since the 1980s, Telluride TV has produced a wealth of local content ranging from musical and theatrical performances to festival interviews, fashion shows and community profiles. Kenworthy said his focus since taking the reins in 2016 has been to create new content that engages today’s community and to curate archival content from the past so that it’s both properly preserved and showcased. He thinks bringing the channel’s current and historical content to a streaming, on-demand platform transforms Telluride TV with an exciting new relevancy. “This is different than a YouTube channel,” he said. “On this site, you can actually stream whatever is showing on our local cable channel or easily take your pick from our archives. The 2006 KOTO Lip Sync? A Telluride Film Festival interview with Forest Whitaker or Helen Mirren? Your kid in the latest Young People’s Theater play at the Opera House?  The world will now have access to all of those. And a whole slate of cool new programming.” Among the categories of new content are a weekly resort show as well as shows focused on health and fitness, food and wine, tech advice and local history.  Also included are profiles of many community businesses and organizations. “It’s still local TV,” said Kenworthy. “That’s our reason for being. But, where we used to say, ‘The rest of the world doesn’t get us,’ we’re now flipping that to ‘does.’”  

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