Town of Mountain Village announces Lot R long-term parking lot and changes to Meadows Parking Lot

The Town of Mountain Village Transportation Department would like to inform the community of two changes to overnight and long-term parking in Mountain Village.

Mountain Village residents are now invited to take advantage of long-term parking at Lot R, adjacent to the Telluride Regional Airport. The Town recently entered an agreement with the Telluride Regional Airport Authority to lease the land to help address parking needs, especially during the winter. The lot can accommodate up to 200 vehicles.

Parking is offered by a $50 permit per season and proof of Mountain Village residency (ownership or lease) is required. Oversized vehicles that take up more than two spaces will be charged $100 per season. No camping is permitted and RVs will be allowed for storage only.

Permit applications and hang tags are issued by the Town of Mountain Village Police Department. The Town will offer shuttles for residents to and from Lot R on Mondays only. Text 970-729-3433 to reserve a shuttle.

“With our increase in development, both residentially and commercially, the Town is looking ahead to create additional parking opportunities to alleviate our parking congestion during peak season days,” said the Town’s Transit Director Jim Loebe. “Until such time that the Gondola Parking Garage can be expanded, we are grateful to the airport for working with us to offer Lot R as a solution.”

In an effort to increase both overnight parking space inventory for Meadows residents, discourage long-term vehicle ‘storage’, and increase daytime parking inventory for Gondola Parking Garage skier overflow, the number of Big Billie’s residential Lot M permits are now available on a limited basis.

Big Billie’s has been issued its allotted parking passes for the season, and residents are encouraged to discuss options with Big Billie’s management and utilize Lot R for long-term parking during the ski season.

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