Town of Mountain Village to launch re-addressing project

In February 2024, the Town of Mountain Village will launch a re-addressing project in order to align all town addresses with Town addressing standards and improve emergency response time.

“Emergency services personnel rely on addressing standards to help them find properties when a call for service comes in,” said Mountain Village Police Chief Chris Broady. “For example, odd numbers are typically on one side of a street while even numbers are typically on the other side of the street. Certain neighborhoods in Mountain Village were uniquely addressed when Mountain Village was platted as a planned unit development, and it’s now time to work through these changes.”

The project is expected to affect a total of 110 addresses and take several years to complete.

The project will be rolled out slowly over the next few years in a phased approach. Lauren Tyler, the Town’s GIS administrator and addressing coordinator, will work with a handful of neighborhoods/properties at a time, notifying them of their new addresses and guiding them through the process.

“We recognize that this will impact our residents. However, we will provide guidance and reimbursement rebates to the affected property owners as they re-address their properties,” Tyler said.

The first phase of the project is divided into four groups and will focus primarily on the Meadows neighborhood. Residents are encouraged to visit the Town’s website to see if their address is in one of the first four groups and provide the most updated contact information through a form at

Tyler will reach out to Group 1 mid-late February to begin the process.

The neighborhoods/groups that require a new street name will have the opportunity to vote on suggested changes to help select the new name for their street. Tyler will communicate that information directly to those residents.

The Town is offering reimbursements for changing an address due to re-addressing. For freestanding address monuments, the town will reimburse up to $200. For address identification numbers on the building, the town will reimburse up to $25.

Once the materials have been purchased and installed, the reimbursement form can be submitted to the addressing coordinator or uploaded through the project website.

“Our emergency first responders can better respond to a situation if our streets and neighborhoods are consistently addressed. This saves responders valuable time currently being spent searching for the proper address while responding to the scene,” said Telluride Fire Protection District Chief John Bennett.

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