Town seeks public comment on Meadows Subarea Plan

Categories: Government, Planning

The Town of Mountain Village, at the direction of Town Council, is updating the Meadows Subarea Plan as a proposed amendment to the Town's Comprehensive Plan. Guided by the Meadows Resident Advisory Board (MRAB), the project team has developed revised draft subarea-wide principles and policies for the Meadows. The principles provide a vision for different elements of the Meadows and the policies provide more specific guidance to direct future decision making and public investment into the neighborhood.

The MRAB is seeking public input on these draft principles and policies. Specifically, MRAB is seeking feedback in whether these draft policies and principles capture your vision for the Meadows and whether MRAB has missed anything. You can provide feedback through the comment box on the MRAB webpage. Please provide comments by May 15, 2022.

Another public review will occur in late May for residents to review draft revised site-specific policies and any changes to the Subarea Plan's development table.

Please check the website and attend MRAB meetings to stay in the loop!

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