Building Board of Appeals

The Building Board of Appeals (BBOA) is pursuant to Section 112 of the adopted International Building Codes. The BBOA adjudicates appeals of building official decisions as they relate to the application and interpretation of the adopted building regulations.

Seven members are appointed by Town Council to serve until a replacement is necessary due to a vacancy. The board consists of individuals with varied professional backgrounds, such as licensed general contractors, architects, and electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors. The board meets on an as-needed basis. For details about BBOA terms and qualifications, review the associated bylaws.

  • David Eckman

    Board Chair

  • Adam Miller

    Adam Miller

    Board Member

  • Richard Buckendorf

    Board Member

  • Don Jones

    Board Member

  • Eric Robinson

    Board Members

  • Ryan Deppen

    Alternate Board Member

  • Ian McCormick

    Alternate Member