2011 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process

The Town of Mountain Village Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2011 after a three-year-long development process. It was written to be a 30-year road map evnisioning the future use and needs of the community.

Mountain Village Town Council's goal at the time was to both encourage future development while controlling unbridled growth under the guidance of the Comprehensive Plan. However, in the intervening years, Town Council and the community have noted that the Comprehensive Plan is overly prescriptive and complicated in certain respects. The Comprehensive Plan does not reflect current economic realities (e.g., VRBO/AirBNB) that have transformed communities such as ours. As such, we need to amend the Comprehensive Plan to provide future town councils, property owners, and community members solid, yet flexible, guidance to inform and support the critical decisions they will face in years to come.

The Town does not anticipate major changes to the Comprehensive Plan with this amendment process, but a simplification of the Comprehensive Plan that reflects changes to the real economic growth model since 2011. We would like to see a plan that will better withstand the test of time and provide a solid visionary document with an eye towards desired development patterns and growth in the future.

About the Amendment Process

Through a Request for Proposals process, the town hired MIG, a national firm with offices in Durango and Denver with extensive experience developing and updating Comprehensive Plans for communities, to reassess the Comprehensive Plan. They gathered input from the community, staff and town council in public virtual forums and in interviews with stakeholders.

During this process, we do not anticipate major chances to the Comprehensive Plan, instead, we expect to:

  • Simplify and modernize the Comprehensive Plan to serve as a guiding document versus a regulatory document, which is more in line with traditional community comprehensive plans
  • Align the Comprehensive Plan with the town’s Community Development Code
  • Reexamine Mountain Village’s economic model
  • Review our contemplated growth model
  • Remove overly prescriptive tables, formulas and measures that have been a barrier to future land use

Participate in the Process

Through the course of this amendment process, the Town and MIG will talk to key stakeholders and the community for input in interviews and public meetings. All public meetings during this process will be held virtually via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All community meetings will be noticed through dedicated Comprehensive Plan newsletters (you may sign up for that list below) and posted on our event calendar and to this page.

The Economics of Mountain Village Public Forum-held Wednesday, June 16

Thank you to everyone for your participation in our public forum, "The Economics of Mountain Village" on Wednesday, June 16. For those who missed the presentation, you may view a recording of the presentation and Q&A and review MIG's presentation.

Economics of Mountain Village Meeting Recording

Please note that housing was a major topic of conversation during this presentation. The Town of Mountain Village is currently working on a number of community housing initiatives to help address our housing crisis. Please visit our housing page for further information on the upcoming incentives.

Comprehensive Plan Open House-held Wednesday, August 11

Thank you to everyone who attended the Comprehensive Plan Open House on Wednesday, August 11. For those who missed the presentation, you may review the presentation boards here.

Upcoming Schedule:

  • October 14: Joint Town Council and Design Review Board work session to review draft redlines
  • October 28-November 18: Public review period
  • December 9: Anticipated Council Adoption Hearing

More information on the above-mentioned dates will be shared across town channels soon and the public will be able to participate both publicly and virtually.

If you would like to provide written comments you can submit them: