Subarea Initiatives Planning

As the hub for community services and entry to the Town of Mountain Village, the Town Hall Center subarea builds on the vision for Mountain Village. 

This vision is found in the Mountain Village Comprehensive Plan along with a June 2017 amendment to the Town Hall Center Subarea Plan. The Town Hall Center Subarea currently includes government offices, fire and police stations, workforce housing, daycare facilities, mailboxes, a few retail/commercial shops and the town’s only grocery store.

The Subarea was designed as the arrival hub for residents and visitors and has a 460-space parking structure. As a critical node of the gondola system serving Mountain Village, the Subarea is a crucial location for visitors and residents to arrive and park, and to walk or bike to experience the resort community.

Town Hall Center & Village Center Subarea Planning Committee

  • Anton Benitez

    CEO & President at Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association

  • Michelle Haynes

    Michelle Haynes

    Assistant Town Manager

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  • Jeff Proteau

    Jeff Proteau

    Telluride Ski & Golf

    Term expires: September 2020

  • Jim Royer

    Jim Royer

    Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association

Town Hall Center Subarea Plan

The Town of Mountain Village, Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (TMVOA), Telluride Ski & Golf, and significant landowners within the Town Hall Center Subarea, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in early 2016 in order to define and engage in a process to determine the most appropriate uses for the THS. To learn more, review the 2017 MOU executed to implement the Town Hall Subarea Plans.

Town Hall Center Subarea Implementation

In 2018, the Town Hall Subarea Committee agreed to prioritize the Mountain Village Boulevard road re-alignment and Elk Pond/Lake consistent with public comments that the entry and park were of primary importance. Please refer to the 2018 Town Hall Center Subarea Implementation Plan for more information and details.

Village Center Subarea Plan

The Town of Mountain Village in collaboration with the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (TMVOA), Telluride Ski & Golf will serve as members of an oversight committee for the Village Center Subarea (VCS) planning process with an intent to implement the existing Village Center Comprehensive Plan values and actions, provide recommendations to Town Council regarding the Comprehensive Plan or Community Development Code amendments, promote and enhance vibrancy, and address long-term infrastructure, management of future build-out and optimal use of the Village Center.