3D Modeling of Mountain Village

Mountain Village 3D Modeling

The Town of Mountain Village provides a free three-dimensional (3D) model of the Mountain Village Center, that can be viewed in Google Earth and available in SketchUp formats for community use.

The Village Center is our primary commercial, pedestrian, accommodations and area of gondola connection between the Town of Telluride and Town of Mountain Village. Consistent with the Mountain Village Comprehensive Plan, we envision our municipal services as friendly and customer service oriented. Providing a free SketchUp model is a useful tool for architects, developers, community members, and planners.

This project is in collaboration with the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (TMVOA). The SketchUp model was produced by Oz Architecture.

Download Model

Notice to all users

The Village Center Building Model is only a model and may only be used for general planning purposes to show relevant context, heights, relationships with existing structures and other general features. The model is not exact and is not a substitute for a professional survey and shall not be relied upon for precise technical analysis whatsoever and the Town of Mountain Village shall not be held responsible for errors in the model. The Town reserves the right to update, modify and perfect the model as new data becomes available.


The Town of Mountain Village is working with Google, Inc. to have the Town of Mountain Village virtually scanned and placed in Google Earth Pro. This will allow for broader audiences to see our town from a bird’s eye view, and take pedestrian tours through certain parts of the Village Center. This service will demonstrate the exceptional high-alpine character that the Town of Mountain Village has to offer. 3D modeling is an ever-evolving technology so please check back for future updates!

For questions about the models please email our department.