Common Consumption Area

Common Consumption Area

On May 16, 2019, the Mountain Village Town Council approved the Mountain Village Promotional Association’s request to expand its Common Consumption Area (CCA) in Sunset Plaza throughout the majority of Mountain Village Center.

The Common Consumption Area is now in effect daily noon to 9 p.m. (with occasional blackout dates due to special events).

Similar to concerts in Sunset Plaza, the expanded CCA will allow for the purchase of alcoholic beverages in approved cups from participating licensed establishments and enables for consumption throughout much of the plazas in the Village Center. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed into the area and only drinks purchased from participating licensed establishments in approved cups may be consumed throughout the plazas.

In January 2020, the Mountain Village Town Council voted to expand the CCA throughout the Village Pond Plaza. Visit our blog for more information.

Common Consumption Area Guidelines

  • The size of Common Consumption Area is to be contained wholly within an Entertainment District which has been defined by the Mountain Village Municipal Code.
  • Common Consumption Areas are to be clearly delineated using physical barriers to close the area to motor vehicle traffic and limit pedestrian access.
  • Alcohol beverages sold or served within the Common Consumption Area shall be served in a container that is no larger than 16 ounces, is disposable and contains the name of the vendor in at least a 24 point font type.