Long-Term Plaza Use

The Town of Mountain Village offers our businesses the means to grow their revenue and foot traffic by permitting the use of public plazas. We want to provide the space to help our local businesses thrive.

See the applications steps below to apply.

What constitutes as "Long-Term Plaza Use"?

“Plaza use” is any use of the exterior surfaces of the plaza areas designed for the enjoyment of the public contributing to the character and feel of the plaza areas. There are three types of long-term plaza uses:

  1. General plaza uses include, but are not limited to, ski valet racks, heat lamps, plaza furniture, umbrellas, lighting, trash and recycling receptacles, ski bicycle and storage racks, media racks, tent sales, plaza art, outdoor display of merchandise, display vehicles or other uses determined by Town of Mountain Village staff.
  2. Outdoor dining and seating areas are tables, chairs, umbrellas, planters, barriers, signage and lighting placed in plaza areas for the purpose of increasing the capacity of the café, delicatessen, dining or similar establishment for the proprietor and customers.
  3. Temporary/special uses include but are not limited to a tent, yurt, trailer, construction building or tent that will remain for a specified period of time as determined by Town Council.