Plaza Use Guide

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Long Term Plaza Use

Defined as any use of the town's public Plaza Areas for an extended period of time.


  • General Plaza Use
    (i.e. ski valet racks, heat lamps, plaza furniture, media racks, outdoor displays)
  • Outdoor Dining and Seating Areas
    (i.e. tables, chairs, planters, barriers)

Special Events

Defined as any use or impact of the town's public Plaza Areas for a gathering of people.


  • Minor Special Event
  • Major Special Event
  • Seasonal Special Event
  • Temporary Signage and Banners
  • Busking

Market On The Plaza

Join in the Mountain Village Farmer's Market.


  • Market on the Plaza

Vending Carts

Defined as any person or entity desiring to conduct food or retail vending on town's public Plaza Areas.


  • Summer Vending Cart Season
  • Winter Vending Cart Season

Plaza Access

Defined as any vehicular access on the town's public Plaza Areas


  • Authorized Motor Cart Permit
  • Plaza Vehicle Access Permit
  • Delivery Permit