Business Resources

For the most part, Mountain Village is comprised of small businesses and startup businesses (which are often small, too). Both are important, though they have different needs and contribute to the community and its economy in different ways. With that, we have compiled a list of resources for you to tap into to make your venture and its journey as seamless as possible.

Outdoor Heating Assistance Fund

In an effort to provide our businesses support during the time of COVID-19, the Town of Mountain Village will provide approved applicants funds for investing in outdoor heating elements to assist with potential dining capacity restrictions.


Program Highlights:

  • Overall pool of funds: $70,000
  • Maximum amount to be awarded: Up to $7,000
  • Matched funds required: Accepted applicants must provide a 50% match of funds.
  • Invoice requirements: All invoices presented to the Town for reimbursement must be dated after the applicant’s approval into the program.
  • Term: Applications will be accepted until December 1, 2020, or until funds are exhausted.

Who is Eligible:

  • Must be a brick and mortar, street-level restaurant businesses within the Village Center or Market Plaza.
  • Must have 25 or fewer full-time employees
  • Must have a Plaza License Agreement with the Town of Mountain Village. If heaters will be mounted to buildings applicants will need HOA approval and to submit a Design Review application (fee waived)
  • Must have an active Mountain Village business license and generate Mountain Village sales tax.
  • Property must be open for business, as allowed by regulations.

How to Participate:

  • Step 1: Choose the style/brand of heating elements, can be infrared, propane or electric. Please note that all operation and installation costs will be the responsibility of the business owner.
  • Step 2: Create a proposal with renderings of exact heating options, quantity and placement within your plaza license agreement area.
  • Step 3: Submit application with proposed budgets.
  • Step 4: Submissions will be reviewed by the Business Development Advisory Committee and approved based on heating design and plan.
  • Step 5: Apply for an amendment to your active Plaza License Agreement and/or Design Review application as needed.
  • Step 6: Accepted applicants will be reimbursed funds for 50% of the submitted invoice.

Who Gets Paid?

The Town of Mountain Village will reimburse for 50% of the invoice for applicable heating element. You will submit your invoice to the Town.

NOTE: Only heaters purchased after application acceptance will be reimbursable.

Who Owns the Heater?

The applicant/business will be the owner of the heater(s) and fully responsible for all operation, maintenance and installation work and costs.