Fat, Oils and Grease Compliance

The Town of Mountain Village Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Town of Telluride's Water and Wastewater Division, has launched its Food Service Establishment Wastewater Pre-Treatment Program in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. In 2024, the Town will be working with its restaurants (food service establishments) to understand how grease traps within Mountain Village are managed to ensure fats, oils and grease are not entering the wastewater collection system. 

All restaurants, or food service establishments (FSE), are subject to the requirements in the Town of Mountain Village's fats, oils, and grease (FOG) rules established by Ordinance 2016-11 as found in the Mountain Village Municipal Code § 13.10.

Restaurants that use a lot of fat, oil and grease in their kitchen can cause disruption to wastewater and be detrimental to the treatment process at the Telluride Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. It's important to install, maintain and use pretreatment equipment to remove oil, grease, solids, and other excessive pollutants before they enter the wastewater collection system.

In 2024 the Town will be contacting all Mountain Village restaurants to schedule an in-person inspection of each establishment's grease trap and service documentation.

This pre-treatment program will require grease traps to be serviced on a routine basis to prevent FOG from entering the collection system and the wasterwater treatment plant.

Restaurants will be asked to complete the pre-treatment form available below prior to inspection and provide updates when the grease trap or oil is hauled.

By demonstrating frequent and regular removal of fats, oil, and grease, the Town will have a higher level of understanding that your grease trap is being managed responsibly.

By following the regulations, you are:

  • Preventing pollution from entering the San Miguel River that could cause health or safety problems to the public and environment.
  • Improving opportunities for the reuse and recycling of FOG.
  • Preventing FOG from clogging and blocking flow in the collection system.
  • Assisting in extending the life of the current Wastewater Treatment Plant by removing FOG from the waste stream with property collection and disposal.

In the event a restaurant does not inventory its grease trap and record when it is cleaned out, the Town will request an inspection. The town will also exercise the right to have the FOG removal completed and bill back the restaurant for the expense. This work is imperative for the lifespan of our community's wastewater treatment plant.

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Grease Trap Cleaning and FOG Haulers

Below is the most recent list of FOG haulers provided by the San Miguel County Public Health Department.

Hauler/RecyclerLocationContact InformationService Provided
Don Harper800-670-8103

Hauls used fryer oil

Goodwin Service, Inc.Grand Junction970-243-2783

Grease trap cleaning and waste transport

Eagle Plumbing & SepticMontrose970-249-1816

Grease trap cleaning and waste transport

Benjamin Frankin PlumbingMontrose970-249-6575

Grease trap cleaning and waste transport

Zunic BrothersNucla970-864-7663

Grease trap cleaning and waste transport

AAA Septic and DrainDelta970-323-8703

Grease trap cleaning and waste transport