Liquor License

If you plan to serve and/or sell alcohol to the general public, Colorado requires you to obtain license approval from the Local Liquor Licensing Authority. Town Council grants such licenses.

Also, we and the state require that you pay an applicable fee for the license. You will need to make one check payable to the Town of Mountain Village and the other one payable to Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor Enforcement Division.

Two-Tiered Process

Since approval for a liquor license is a two-tiered process, you will need to visit the State of Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division website for additional information and applicable forms. We also recommend you contact our town clerk who acts on behalf of the Local Liquor Licensing Authority, and who is authorized to

  • Accept your liquor license application
  • Process your application
  • Schedule public hearings regarding your liquor license request

Aside from the town clerk, other departments may be involved in the process, which includes completing the Liquor License Premise Inspection form.

Liquor License Fingerprinting Procedure

The Mountain Village Police Department is the entity responsible for liquor license fingerprinting. That office is located at 411 Mountain Village Boulevard, first floor. Please call (970) 728-9281 to set up an appointment and bring all of the following items with you.

  • Cash or check in the amount of $5 per individual being printed, payable to the Town of Mountain Village
  • Valid, government-issued, photo identification such as a driver’s license, ID card, passport, etc.
  • Certified funds, money order, or business check (no personal checks will be accepted) in the amount of $38.50 per individual being printed, payable to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI)

If you live outside of Mountain Village, call the Police Department at the above number in order for us to mail you blank fingerprint cards. You will need to take the fingerprint cards to your local police station. The cost for liquor license fingerprinting at another location may be different. Fingerprints taken at another agency will need to be mailed to the Mountain Village Police Department at the above address. Include your check payable to the CBI or your prints will not be processed.

Liquor License Forms

Any changes (i.e. changes in operating manager, corporate or trade name, location, modification of premises, etc.) in the business must be reported to the town clerk. We, along with the State Liquor License Division, will consider the requested changes. All required forms can be found at the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

Special Event Liquor Permit

A Special Event Liquor Permit allows qualified non-profit organizations to sell, serve or dispense alcohol beverages in conjunction with fundraising and other activities, while ensuring full compliance with all applicable state and local laws and ordinances. To apply for such a permit, you will need to submit directly to our town clerk a Special Event Liquor Permit Application. Please contact the town clerk’s department at or (970) 369-6429 to discuss at least 60 days prior to event.

Liquor License Renewal

Liquor licenses are valid for one year from the date the State of Colorado approves your application, so you must renew it annually. You will receive a renewal application 90 days prior to the expiration date on your license from the State of Colorado.

To renew your license, you must

  • Complete and sign the renewal application no later than 45 days before the license expires
  • Pay the appropriate state and local fees
  • Submit both items to our town clerk for processing

If you do not receive a renewal application form from the State of Colorado, and your expiration date is nearing, please or complete a "Retail Liquor or Fermented Malt Beverage License Renewal Application" Form (Form DR 8400). Failure to renew will result in the expiration of your license.

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