Best Life Reiki

Location: Mountain Village

Free Reiki sessions and information. Reiki means universal life force energy and is available to those of all beliefs.

Since 2017, my mission at Best Life Reiki is to educate the public on Reiki and its benefits and to empower all that I can with their greatest potential for self-healing (and the ability to help others). At my booth, I offer information and free Reiki sessions. Experiencing Reiki is the best way to better understand it. Reiki is energy work that supports your in releasing whatever is blocking your goals in any area of life. In a session, you remain clothed and lie on a massage table or site in a chair. Gentle touch is applied and you become very relaxed. Reiki facilitates the state of flow. I also offer sessions and courses from Ridgway, including Reiki I and II, Reiki Master ART, and Reiki Master/Teacher. I'm also an RN and have been a nurse for 38 years.I look forward to sharing Reiki with you.

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Best Life Reiki
Heritage Plaza
Mountain Village, CO Get Directions

Hours of Operation

Market on the Plaza

11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

*Hours may vary during holidays and shoulder seasons.